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Buying Xat Chat Glitch

On Saturday, there was a serious issue for some people, and I only knew about it yesterday. 

Apparently, ALL of the active chats were on sale, except for official xat chats, which were Trade, Help, Ajuda, Ayuda, Cambio, Xatchats, Contests, etc. The biggest impacts were the popular cp chats, which were Riffy888, YodaAds, TrackCP, and LebronJR.

Lebron's chat was estimated to be bought for 1,800 xats. It was bought by someone called 'Zebre' who had a red nameglow and his xat id name was cpkingpin2...

The chats managed to get restored, thanks to Brian's help for contacting 42, but Lebron's chat was still in trouble.

He had resetted the chat, and made him and Graser 10 a Main Owner, including 2 others. He had apparently become a Main on the affected chat, TrackCP.

He was acting innocent, because apparently if the chat is restored, the person who bought the chat doesn't get a refund.

Apparently, it's now all Sorted. Were you involved? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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