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AishaSites Chat Reset Soon!

I have not resetted the chat since the start of December, and to keep it updated and progressed, I have decided to reset the chat on the 1st February (next Wednesday).

Before, you would only be a Member if you were registered to xat.com. Now, that is no longer applied.

Member: *Rank can be earned at various times, but will usually last at least 2 weeks, before taking consideration.
  • You must be signed up as an Author on the official AishaSites blog. You can ask me for details. It's not just done like that!
  • You can earn it by being helpful around the chat, and reporting rebellious users.
  • Be active every day and join along the fun that we bring!   
The chat will not reset for at least another month. If you are caught abusing the rank, you will be guested and banned forever from the chat. You will also lose your authorisation on the blog.

Please take caution, that Owners and Moderators will most likely stay the same as it was before. Me and Orgal will be the ONLY Main Owners.

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