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SPY Power In Store NOW!

At 4.15pm GBT Time, xat released power 164 also known as the 'SPY' power!

3,000 were released, costing 250 xats each in the stores. 1 PER USER every 4 minutes! Tomorrow, 4,000 more will be released, with the price being dropped, starting at a random price!

It will be a limited power!

As we are always fully updated, look below for the latest updates on the SPY power...!

Update 1: The price is currently 250-300 xats, and there are 2209 Remaining! (4.18pm)

Update 2: SPY is selling out very slowly, but there are buyers on Trade for 260-290 xats. (4.30pm)

FINAL UPDATE: The SPY Power is ALL sold out! It went at 4.45pm GBT Time and it currently costs 300 - 320 xats!


SPY comes with smileys themed to be an Agent. Here are the following smileys in order from left to right...
(crosshair) (folder) (footprints) (headset) (keyhole) (keypad) (peeking) (radar) (spydrink) (spyeye) (spying) (spypaper) (spyrope)

What do you think? Are you going to buy one now, or wait until the final set tomorrow? There will be 7,000 altogether! Leave me a comment nd let me know!


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