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Black Friday Power Updates

So, it's been around 6 weeks since the profit season happened in 2011 on xat. Let's reflect the prices, and how it went.

Review before Black Friday
In my opinion, I think that this year's Black Friday went downhill. This was because everyone knew about it happening 4 months before, and prices dropped incredibly low 2 weeks before the powers were going to release! For example, Fade was 2800 - 2900 before, but had then became 2000 - 2100 the day before Black Friday!

Angel had the biggest impact. It was 8000 - 8500 xats, and had become 6000 - 6500 before the release. 

Review during Black Friday
It took 36 hours for all of the 12 limited powers to run out of stock. Christmas and Diamond were the first to go, which were incredibly cheap. Boot was next, which was a pointless release, though it did become 10k a week later!

Fade was slow, along with Angel and Six. Angel went out higher than what it was on Trade before the release, and Fairy, Sins, Angry were also bad. Angry was the 4th to go.

Review after Black Friday
Almost all of the powers rose for at least a week. Six went up to 4000 - 4100 xats, Angel went high to 8000 - 8100, Fade went up a tiny bit to 1900 - 2000, Diamond was good and rose to 1500 - 1600, Fairy too with it being 1950 - 2050, and Gag was not so good @1300 - 1400, same with Sins being that price.

Review now
All of the powers have failed deeply. Here are what the powers were, and what they are now...

Name of power: 
Price after Black Friday: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price now: 1000 - 1050 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1500 - 1600 xats
Price now: 1150 - 1200 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1900 - 2000 xats
Price now: 1650 - 1700 xats
Price after Black Friday: 4000 - 4100 xats
Price now: 3500 - 3550 xats
Price after Black Friday: 8000 - 8100 xats
Price now:  7600 - 7700 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1350 - 1400 xats
Price now: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price after Black Friday: 1550 - 1650 xats
Price now: 1300 - 1350 xats
Price after Black Friday: 2000 - 2100 xats
Price now: 1900 - 2000 xats
Price after Black Friday: 3200 - 3250 xats
Price now: 3000 - 3050 xats

So, what do you think? Are these  

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