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Power 163 Is MAGICFX!

It has been confirmed that power 163 is going to be MAGICFX! Here is what it looks like...

It says that it will be released tomorrow, but has no specific time or if it has already been released.
UPDATE: 1,000 were released last night on Advanced Testing. It came out costing 200 xats each! It went out quickly.

You are not able to do anything with the power at the moment, but it will all be confirmed once it has been released properly. You can just have the smiley.

Here is someone who managed to buy it when it released.

Because of its cool smiley, It's now at the price of 1000 - 1300 xats. Purple has been dropped to 21800 - 22000 xats.

What do you think of the smiley? Looks cool? We'll keep you updated when it next releases. It only will release one other time!

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