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Xat, New 'MICROBE' Power! [SOLD OUT]


This blob of cuteness is the newest thing to make it to xat, and the new power was released this weekend!

The name of this new power is called MICROBE and it is another LIMITED Power.

MICROBE costs 250 xats in the stores.

Like all of the recent Limited powers the past month, this power does not have much demand. The price after the first release was 270 - 320 xats, but then dropped to become 250 - 260 xats.

The total quantity is currently NOT KNOWN. We are aware that around 200 - 300 were releasing every 3 hours , with users ending up being able to buy up to over 15 of them at once!

The price on TRADE currently is 220 - 250 xats.

Smileys for the MICROBE power will be posted soon.
- Aisha     

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