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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...



The newest power to be released by xat is called BALLOONFX. This is going to be an UNLIMITED power, consisting of different 'Balloon effects'.

There were a few pre-releases for this power before being made available to the public, with each release having different prices. We will list them for you:

Around 1000 were released costing 299 xats .

The price on TRADE after the first release was around 300 - 350 xats.

Almost 24 hours after the first release, the second release happened. The price this time was 260 xats. There was no demand for the new power, with the price becoming 250 - 265 xats on Trade. It took several hours for the second release to be completed.

FINAL UPDATE: The Balloonfx power is now officially UNLIMITED and can now be bought in the stores. The price is now 250 xats.


Now, what does this power do? Well, as mentioned above it consits of different 'Balloon-styled Effects'. The following smileys will be posted along with the codes below:

So, that is all to explain. Stay tuned for information on next weeks power!
- Aisha

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