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Summer Party?


Of course, summer's here, and we all need to cool off from the sweat!
I've been thinking of having a summer party this year, on the Aishasites chatroom! Here is some of the stuff you'd excpect if it were to take place...

  • An hour long promotion on the Chatroom to keep everybody active and busy!
  • Contests may take place for different kinds of stuff! (Mianly ranks and xats)
  • We may go on Club Penguin and play some games!
The time would be Mid August but depending on the situation. The party would be between 1-3 hours long, and would mainly be between 12-3PM american time.

THIS is if I have decided to hold a Summer party. Post comments about what you think the summer party should be!

Note: As some of you well know, I held a Christmas party on my old chatroom last year. It turned out to be a success in the end, with over 15 people attending the party, with prizes given out! It was good, and we hope to have an even BETTER party this year! 

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