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Power 139

The next power, will be the Power (139)

This power has gone into testing yesterday, but we are not sure what the real name or Information about this power is yet. We'll know in a couple of days time. Here are some Information that we already know...

  • People buy the power for around 1000 - 2000 xats on Trade. Though some people may NOT sell for this price, this IS an APPROPIATE price.
  • The test power is usually sold by people between 3000 - 4000 xats. This is certainly NOT worth it as the power will be between 150 - 500 xats in store. (most likely)
  • The power will probably NOT be a group power, as the last power they had released was a limited group power.
Here are some questions you might like answered...

Why are test powers always just have the number and no picture?
Because xat haven't decided on the name or description yet, and they are just testing it. However, as for the number '139', it represents the latest power number, so in addition, there are around 139 powers in total. After a few days of testing is complete, and the name of the power is confirmed, the number will be replaced with the power name and a picture of the power.

Why are test powers so expensive?
Test powers are expensive because they are incredibly rare and certain people can have them. (Volunteers). Volunteers can tend to sell this power, and because some people buy it off them, they then sell, etc. Eventually, it is a confirmed legal power to sell on the chatroom. However, when the release becomes closer, people eventually realise that they got ripped off.

How can I retrieve a test power of my own?
You must be a xat volunteer. You can be this by other volunteers picking you, or if you are chosen by an Admin. It takes a huge responsibility, and it takes alot of hard work and trust to earn your place as one. People may even hold some contests for a Test Power, like Courages recent one, which was a Background Contest, which had over 50 entries!

Have you ever had a Test power? Comment here!

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