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Nerd Power 139 Released!

Hey guys!

Last night, the Nerd power was released to the stores! Now, I'm sure there are many questions that you would like to know, so read here to learn Everything!

1) Prices and how it has been released...
Nerd has been released in the stores at 200 xats each. It has become unlimited for 24 hours, and then will become limited.

2) How do I buy the power?
You may be wondering, 'Why aren't I able to buy the power?' It may say, 'You need to complete a quiz to buy this power'. That's also why not many people can buy from store. Luckily, this post will explain to you how to get all the questions correctly to get the power...

Step 1: Type in this URL in the HTTP navbar - http://util.xat.com/quiz/?id= (Your registration number for xat goes after the 'id=' so will be like this...)
http://util.xat.com/quiz/?id=89694323 < 89694323 is my registration number.
Once you have done that, you should get a page like this:

Step 2: Complete the quiz
I thought that there was no difference at first, but I got it after a few minutes. Look carefully, as I have highlighted what you need to look at and the answers to do.

This is NOT a phishing page because it is the normal link that you use to login to your xat account. Now, look carefully at the next one...

The link on this one says xat.com.br instead of the original xat.com. Generally, you need to always look out closely, in case someone gives you a phish site. This can help you in general.

All the questions are just this, but sometimes they may switch the Yes and No answers around. Just don't rush and you'll get all of them. There are 5 questions altogether.

Once you complete the quiz, you can buy only 1 nerd power from the store. If you want to buy another, you must complete the quiz again. If you are wondering the price on Trade, it is between 205 - 215 xats.

Now, here are the smileys in order, from left to right...

I hope that ALL your questions are answered about the Nerd Power, as this is probably the only blog where you can get all the advice and images from.

What do you think about the Nerd power? What price will it be? Comment your thoughts below!
Note: Don't buy too many, as it may end up like the Stoneage power, but we can't predict the price and how many altogether will be bought, so please don't ask!

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