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Matchban released!

The new Limited power, Matchban was released almost 24 hours ago at 600 xats.

2,000 of these powers were released, and in order to purchase a power from the store, you are needed to complete a 6 hour ban.

Like with all new powers, you are probably wanting to know information about this power. Luckily, we have all the information we can gather like all other powers!

What does the power look like?
The power above is what the power looks like. The sparkles make the power look pretty good, doesn't it?!
How many matchban powers were released?
2,000 matchban powers were released, and more will be released next week. (just like Spaceban and Snakeban), but sadly, we don't know how many yet.

On the second release, will the price stay the same?
No, during the second release of Matchban, the price in store will reduce slightly, my guess is 500 xats instead of 600.
How does Matchban work?
When you are matchbanned by somebody, you must complete a matching game in order to get yourself unbanned. There are a list of smileys, and you must connect 3 of them to make them disappear. Make all of the smileys disappear and you will become unbanned. The aim is to make all the smileys disappear in the fastest time.
So, now do you know much more about the Matchban power? Complete our survey soon on what your favorite ban power is! Here are the choices if you forget...
  • Matchban LIMITED
  • Snakeban
  • Spaceban LIMITED
Also, there may be a few contests in the upcoming future that involve these powers, as we are crazy about these powers, and are the latest craze right now!

Remember to comment what you think of the Matchban power! 

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