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Matchbans second release!

The LIMITED power Matchban has made a second return to the store at 400 xats each!

Here is a picture of it when it released in the stores:

The power will be unlimited for about 36 hours, but in order to complete it you must complete a quiz. Completing a quiz lets you buy one matchban.

Of course, there will be questions answered and a summary of the power...

This power has a similar motive as nerd, complete a quiz in order to buy the power. However, the quiz is much longer than the previous one, and we're going to show you the questions you'll get. Note: Questions tend to get repeated, so we won't give you every one.

Key words in quiz...
Phising - A site that looks like an ordinary site but has a few minor changes. Watch the link closely.
E.g. http:///www.xat.com/login
If you look at the link closely, you'll see there's an extra '/', when a normal link would be... http://www.xat.com/login 

Question 1:

Why? As you can see, It's a regular login page. If it were a phishing site, It would say email instead of xat name in the username column.

Question 2:
Why? He may say that he'll direct you to a login page, but as you can see, It's most likely going to be a phishing site. If you are to login, only to go to the original page: http://www.xat.com/login
Note: The link takes you to the official login page when you click it. Sweet, huh?

Question 3:

 Why? There are only a few xat staff who are on xat, especially on a chatroom. An admin also would never ask for your xats / days / powers, especially since they can grab as much as they want. (Assumably)

Question 4:

Why? The Trade System always works. If somebody is saying that It's broken, then It's obvious that they are attempting to scam you. Only use the transfer system if you are giving a gift, as they can easily log off after you have transfered them your xats / days.

Question 5:

 Why? You need to be very careful about this one. It's quite obvious to see, but a user tends to put the days in the xats column. People usually sell purple in xats, though It's a bit harder to see the scam. You can tell who would do this scam, depending on the price they do.
Note: 1910 days is equal to 24830 xats, which is fair.
Question 6:

 Why? The link that they would give to you is most likely going to be one that's a phish site.

Question 7:

Why? You can see that in the username column it says 'Email' instead of 'xat name'. Like said in the first question, that would lead to a phish site, as xat would never ask for your email password.

Question 8:

Why? That system would probably mean that the user is trying to cheat. Don't proceed if you do, as you may get some concequences, even if you haven't done anything.

Question 9:

 Why? If you just show the conversation, we won't know who that person exactly is, and when it happened. It's best to have a screen shot of when it actually happened, the ID of the person, and the time it was. (even if you're in a different country)

Question 10:

 Answer: Report to chat moderator / owner
  1. It's against the rules to sell programs, epecially if it can hack you loads of xats.
  2. The program could be a virus, or a way to get your xats and days.
  3. That person can be reported to the xat admins and their IP will be banned forever.

Question 11:

  Why? The person who is theatening to hack you is most likely just bluffing and is all talk. Though xat aren't responsible if you are scammed or hacked, It's best to report the person to a chat moderator / owner, put the user on ignore or report them to Support as the admins can deal with them easier.

Question 12:

Why? This time, instead of the username being different, the link is different. Can you see how it has a set of numbers after the http://? An original xat login link has no numbers in it, especially as it doesn't have xat.com in the link.

Question 13:

Why? 1 day is equal to 13 days, so 100 days is 1300 xats. Also, like said before, the Trade system always works, so if a user is saying that It doesn't work and to transfer, you know that it will be a scam. It's best to report him to a moderator or owner on Trade.

Question 14:

 Why? You are most likely not going to get someone giving you 'free xats' without it leading to a Scam. Don't trust anyone who says this, even if they try be your friend for it. You can't trust anyone completley, not even your friends.

Question 15:

 Why? This time, the link on the page says 'www.xat.com/br'. The br in the link is the scam, so don't login your page. It's always best to check the link first, and the person who's giving you the link.

Question 16:

 Answer: Report them.
 Why? This is an obvious answer. Especially if it's someone random asking you, the answer is that they're going to want to either make your xat account their own, or steal something personal from you.

Question 17:

 Why? The link on the login page now says xat.com@. The @ replaced the / concluding with it being a scam, as a normal http link would never have a @ in it.

Question 18:

 Answer: You are careful and check the trade and see that he entered 5 xats instead of 5 days and report the user.
Why? People who always give extremely good deals are the most obvious scammers. Sometimes, they sell something really cheap in order to get something they really want, as they are desperate. Depending on the power and how cheap they sell it, always be aware of your trader.

Question 19:

 Why? If you did do an IOU (I owe you) with somebody, they will probably not give the rest of the xats when they next come online, and put you on Ignore. If they don't have enough xats, don't risk it with them.

Answer: X out of the trade app completley and restart the trade app (to get the answer correct)
But the other answer doesn't neccasarily mean that the person's the scammer. Read the reason why!

1st Option: This is a great oppotunity for the other person to try and change their deal, in order to scam you.
2nd Option: Sometimes, someone may type their password wrong, or forget it. If this happens, give them a few minutes just to retype their password again. If this happens more than 3 times, then leave the trade. It happens to me all the time.

Question 20:

Why? If you are buying / selling an ID from somebody, that is a huge risk that you are willing to take. People are usually scammers like this, telling you to go first. If somebody is selling you an ID for much cheaper that it actually is, that is also a huge scam, especially since xat are not involved with ID trades. Here is a rough guide on how much a certain ID is...

9 digits        500 - 1000 xats (depending on if the ID is repeated or not)
8 digits      2000 - 11000 xats
7 digits     85000 - 185000 xats
6 digits  200,000 - 300,000 xats
5 digits  400,000 - 500,000 xats
4 digits  500,000 + xats

Question 21:

Why? The person is obviously not 42, and the link that he is sending you leads to a phish page, as you can also tell.

Question 22:
 Answer: Report the user to the chat moderator/owner
Why? There is NO such thing as a user able to double powers. People who do have double powers bought another set of them. If a user offers to double powers, say to them: 'then why don't you have double powers?' or 'Double your powers first and show me you can do it'.

Some questions are similar, but I have given you a brief idea on what to expect. There are a total of 29 questions in the quiz. Once you complete it, this is what comes up:

Each time you complete the quiz, you are able to buy a total of 1 matchban power. If you would like to buy the power again from the store, you need to complete the quiz again! Don't worry, the questions will all be the same or similar (All about scamming and phishing) 

and voila!

Also watch out for...
  • An official page with a guide on how to do the following: Matchban, Spaceban, and Snakeban!
  • There will soon be a contest which involves matchban for xats, days, powers, and ranks on chat!
 What do you think of the power and the quiz? Was this guide helpful to you? What could we do to improve? Comment your opinions below!

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