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My power suggestion: Angelban!

Earlier today, I had decided to make a new suggestion for a power.

My past suggestions were quite successive, I had the Summer power and the New Year power (which had reached 80 votes!)

My new power is called the Angelban power!
I'll put the description of what the power would be like here...

Angelban will be a power that is like both, Spaceban and Snakeban.

You must fly your angel all the way up to the sky, avoiding obstacles that come in your way. The obstacles would be rocks, and things falling out of the sky.
The price of the power would probably be 1,000 xats, and will be a limited power.
Some will release on the first week, and more will release a week later!
If you liked spaceban and snakeban, then I'm sure you're willing to give Angelban a go!
Note: You DON'T need the Angel power to have this power.
What do you think of the power I've suggested? Comment your opinions below!

Note: If you can come up with a good power suggestion, make sure you tell me! If I really like the idea, I'll pay you 200 xats! (You can only come up with one idea however)

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