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Some of the Dumbest powers...

Hey there!

I was looking on the power page, and I was seeing what I thought was some of the silliest powers. I'll name them from least to most. (I'll name 3)

1) Nofollow

Nofollow is a good power, because if someone keeps on following you, you can acticate this so they don't know where you are. 

If your friends wanted to find you, they wouldn't know where you were. This can be annoying, and if you have a power like Num in your name, people may think you're a stranger and take you off their list.

2) Subhide
Subhide is good because you can trick your friends into thinking you have no days. I know it's a stupid pro but there isn't really anything good about this power, other than It's cheap.
3) Shuffle

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