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Spaceban back in store!

Yesterday, the limited power (Spaceban) made a return to the store, becoming un-limited for 24 hours. Users could buy some but in order to do so, they must first complete a 25 hour spaceban.

Here is a picture of the release:

There are some facts that we gathered from this power also...
  • The power was released for 1,200 xats each.
  • About 5,000 were bought, including the 1,000 that released last week, making the power selling 6,000 in total
  • The power now reaches 1300-1350 xats on Trade. It was 2700-3000 last week, with the power being 2,000 xats in store.
  • The appropiate and average price of buying spaceban right now is 1300 though some people may buy for 1330 if lucky.
Q: So what is the main idea of Spaceban?
If you are 'Spacebanned', you must complete a game in order to get yourself un-banned. If you are banned for a longer time, the much more harder it will be for you to defeat the game. For example, if you were banned for 69 hours, you will need to try and destroy 90-95 rocks.

Q: Would you say that Spaceban is harder or easier than Snakeban?
Different people find different things either easier or trickier. However, my opinion, is that Snakeban is easier and lags less. Both can be both annoying and stressful, due to you having to beat times in order to win prizes (apply in contests), but varies.

Comment how you feel about the Spaceban power!

1 comment:

  1. Testing the comments.

    Spaceban was a good power, it raised a little after it was released, but now it is dropping and everybody is selling.

    That's the problem with these powers, people are sometimes cocky and try to think it'll go really high, but in the end they just miss out...


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