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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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Ahh an ALIEN! x500 GKALIENS in Auction NOW! (FINAL UPDATES!)

Finally ... Finally ... FINALLY!

Yes, for those who weren't able to afford the power or didn't want to buy it due for the price, this would be fantastic news for you, as well as those looking for a decent amount of profit!

It all started when I came online in the morning, when Carbon had told me something very surprising ...


Yes, after 3 years, the power was finally re-released . Only 6 released though, but finishing at a very CHEAP price, compared to what it was before!

Here's an image:

The reason for this power being re-released? For UFO DAY but most likely because the price is too expensive right now ...

Although only 6 were released, users took this as a caution and the power decreased to between 11,000 - 12,000 xats , users being scared to buy.



Here are some facts about the power ... it has had a very unique history on TRADE ...

  • It was first released in May 2009 costing 750 xats . The price on TRADE at that time was around 1000 - 1100 xats.
  • The power had NO demand for a while and kept dropping a few months after the release, until a user started buying.
  • A few years later, limited powers were getting re-released, but GKALIENS for some reason wasn't! 
  • Around October 2010, the price started to increase and increase, reaching 4,000 xats!
  • In 2013, ABEA was buying and the price reached a climax of 13000 - 13500 xats which was more than the epic power, NAMECOLOR!
  • The price dropped down to 12,000 - 12,500 xats , with nobody selling and nobody buying, so was a 'dead power'.
  • 2ND JULY 2013, GKALIENS is re-released to celebrate UFO DAY a tradition to celebrate spotting UFO's and xat's Space theme.

TOM2 was online at xat_test and this was most likely because of GKALIENS being released. More users were on at this time because they wanted him to release it.

NOTE: This occured at around **11.00am BST** .

One of the users who bought at the previous Auction was aron , who was able to make a 12,000 xat profit as he managed to buy 2 of them.

The POWER AUCTION was down, and Carbon was correct about the reason;

A user thought that the power was released in stores, but a user was explaining that it was through Auction, which hasn't occured for a while;

TOM2 posted the smiley of GKALIENS which represented a hint that the power had been released, and it had! Proof? Ask these people, who noticed quickly!

500 released starting at a minimum cost of 1,000 xats each. AUCTION IS 9 HOURS LONG!

Yes, that's right, the Auction is for pretty much the whole day, and ends at **7.55pm BST** so if you want to bid you've got to be very patient!

After the release, the price straight away dropped, as a user here was selling much cheaper than what it was a couple of hours ago!

Here was what was happening on TRADE throughout the day with the power:

The price was pretty much between 5000 - 7000 xats , but there wasn't a set price due to the price on AUCTION changing!

Here are the results!

That's a pretty good price compared to what it was before, and you may think you will get yourself a nice bid profit, right? WRONG!

Users were desperate to sell;

These screenshots don't show everyone selling, but after the Auction ended the power was profitable but the price was 6500 - 6800 xats as all the users really wanted 'fast profit'. Users such as HOUND, ALI were just some of the ones doing this!

Morning: The price had INCREASED due to many people who were selling either managing to sell or sleeping, and with a few users stocking up on around 100-150 between them, the price was expensive!

The price was between 7,000 - 8,000 xats at **4am BST** ,

Afternoon: however when it was the afternoon just like last night, the price was down to 6600 - 6800 xats as the users were trying to get their xats back.

Morning: The price settled a little with still quite a few users buying the power as well as selling. Here are the latest changes though compared to yesterday;

- ALEX managed to sell 30 gkaliens to CARBON for the Auction Price, which was 6,550 xats each.

- STUN managed to sell some of his Gkalien powers and has around 31 left out of the ones he had.

- AISHA (me) managed to sell 20 GKALIENS to ICE for a mystery price on TRADE, who now has 53 in total (but had some before the release)

- CARBON is the only user at the moment who is buying all the Gkalien powers. He bought 80 in the Auction, and has managed to sell some but is rebuying and stocking up for long term profit.

He currently has 63 but despite this, the price is still pretty much where it was before. Earlier the price reached 6700 - 7000 xats.

- FINO is rumoured to have around 100 gkalien powers which he bought for 1,500 xats each 3 years ago.

He has threatened the power will decrease like the next 'SIX' power, and he was caught on xat.com/search selling 100 for 600k (6000 xats each!)  

Afternoon: STUN has managed to sell the rest of his GKALIEN powers (19 he had) and Carbon is still buying for mixed prices.

The cost has decreased to 6500 - 6700 xats.

This time I have some images;

Here is an image to show you how many GKALIEN POWERS Carbon currently has;


That's alot of investment, but remember he has a total of 680,000 xats , so he could manage to buy up to 100!

The power keeps dropping and is starting to lose slight demand, with the price now between 6,400 - 6,600 xats , and with CARBON being away for 7 days it will be very interesting to see how this all pans out.

A user selling Gkaliens for 6,500 xats:


The power continues to DROP with the price turning down to 6,400 xats as the maximum price, this is turning bad for some users! ;-)

So, that pretty much should show you what you needed to know about what happened with the re-release of GKALIENS ... but still, the price is still expensive!

What are your thoughts on the new power? Tell me ...
- Did you buy any?
- If so, how many did you buy?
- Did you think this release was helpful for those who couldn't afford before or didn't want to buy, and decrease EVERYPOWER?
- Do you think the power will increase or decrease in the near future?
- What you think will release next!

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know YOUR views and opinions!

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