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Power 240 = 'PHASEFX'.

Hi guys,

This afternoon we found out that the newest power was 'PHASEFX' through the scroller at xat_test. (most likely at 5.45pm)

For now, this shows up as ID 240.


We are not sure about anything else yet, such as the smileys or the status, but we'll keep you posted tomorrow!
Update: The smiley for this new power now shows, and man does it look pretty Epic or what...?

Here was the user trying to sell the power on the main chat:

I have a feeling that it will eventually become UNLIMITED, but who knows, we haven't had a limited FX power for quite some time...? Except the name doesn't seem appropriate for the smiley, though! =/

What do you think of PHASEFX? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! :-)

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  1. http://i.imgur.com/iFsxzlb.png

    4 am EST 1k Phasefx released, nothing on twitter about it.


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