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Summer's here! But SPRING is the one in DEMAND!

Hey all!

Usually I make up a Power Craze post with a variety of powers, but this post is different because we have a very unique power with us ...

Remember KMOUSE? Haha, yeah. That reached 3,000 xats. Now, that could well be SPRING within the next couple of days!


A user was selling the power for 800 xats when the price was between 700 - 750 xats. THAT was around 3-4 days ago.

The power was suddenly increased from 800 - 1000 xats up to 1800 - 2000 xats!

But when KENIS came online, (the investor of SPRING) the price had started to increase much more due to him buying high!

And because of that, the price increased and eventually became 2300 - 2500 xats. The power was unstable because ...

  • MAICK and KENIS were working together to increase the price of the power. MAICK was seen with 500 a few months ago.
  • Many users were selling for high prices and then dropped then sold for higher again.
  • KENIS was in control of the market for SPRING because he had 75% of all the SPRINGs on xat.


Like mentioned before, KENIS was the investor in SPRING and was in control of it. Why? Whenever he is online, users raise the price, because he has 6,000 of them!

Don't believe me? Check it out!

That is the largest quantity of a single power anyone has EVER had. The last person was ICE who had collected over 2300 Kmouse powers!

What do you think of the SPRING power? Now that you've heard about this, will you risk buying high to make a small profit?

Good luck!
- Aisha 


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