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Power 239: CUBOID (Release AND Power Details!)

Hey guys!

I apologise for the late reply, but I have decided to include ALL INFO on this post, the power itself and the release of the power.

First off, I will say this: "THERE IS NO NEW DOODLE POWER, THAT WAS A TROLL!" , therefore I apologise for posting that on my blog, it has been REMOVED.

Secondly, this is ID 239. This is known as CUBOID. Volunteers were testing this power on Thursday:

The price for this power was cheap between 1500 - 2000 xats.

On FRIDAY EVENING users were starting to confirm that the newest power was going to be 'Cuboid':

This was officially confirmed by having a Banner:



I personally think that TOM2 is starting to run out of ideas and should start looking more at the different suggestions users have done, as I have come across the Community Forum and have been amazed by some of the original outcomes produced.

This power is cute, but also tedious and ridiculous. I don't think it will last at a high price as this power seems educational and pointless ... to ME , anyway.
- Aisha 


I think its a good power with nice smileys and it has a perfect price.
- Crawman


I no buy after 2-3 days down xd because it is on sale again. I like the smileys.

- DJ

 I think it's a good power, it will be good powers for traders, we hope so. I don't really like the smileys much because for me they are normal.



Does that help you much? 

At **9.40pm BST** CUBOID had been released into our stores!

1000 released costing 300 xats each. LIMITED!

The price while the release was happening INCREASED to 350 - 400 xats , so this power is profitable despite the simpleness of it.


After the release the price had increased a bit more to around 400 - 500 xats , but Saturday morning the power dropped to 400 - 420 xats.

FINI was the only user who was buying all of them at 400 xats each:

And they managed to collect 100 of them:



This is what had happened throughout Saturday ...
- Around 2500 were released during that time, although this is not accurate.
- The price has been profitable for every release, the profit for an average user is around 100 xats per cuboid power.
- The price has stuck to 380 - 420 xats.

This morning the price was 380 - 410 xats, with FINI still buying them all;

UPDATE: More were released this morning with it taking 2 minutes to sell, slower than the other releases because more users were online.

Everyone started to sell for 400 xats, but now the price has settled down to 380-410 xats, a few users started to buy for 400 xats.

So, that's pretty much everything you need to know about the new CUBOID power. What do you think of the smileys and price?

You've heard some peoples opinions, now I want to hear YOURS! You can do so by leaving a comment below! 
P.S. They say to not be a square, but I will tell you not to be a cuboid!

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