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Here comes the bride... all dressed in WHITE!

Of course, we recently had the WEDDING power, but now xat have decided to release the seuqel, 'MARRIAGE'. Being a bit lazy, are we?

At **9.46am BST** the new power was in the stores, but didn't have an image for it yet:

NITRO was also seen testing one of the smileys while this was happening:

Users were giving their prediction on TRADE about what the price could end up being when released:

With @xatalert posting on their TWITTER account that the power was going to be released soon costing 300 xats.

Once again, just like with PHASEFX, nobody knows whether the power is going to be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , as there were no announcements on TWITTER or through the Banner given to us.

At **10.30am BST** MARRIAGE had been released in the stores!

1000 released costing 300 xats each.

The price on TRADE is around 330 - 370 xats , around the same price as the WEDDING power as they are both so similar, but yes the power is profitable just like the other powers have been again for the last few months.

The price, though, is not as high because users do not know what is happening, and after PHASEFX nobody will ever want to take a risk again, which is why not ONE user has bought all the powers as an investment yet!

Here's what I mean:

See? The opinion is split between them. What do YOU think it's going to be? I think it will be unlimited.

Users are selling very cheap now (SUNDAY) with more releases yet to come:

The smileys are on the banner, but we'll give you the smiley and hat codes, as well as the new kisses for marrying a user soon! We'll also post you an update when all the releases are over.

So for now ...

Price: 300 xats
Function: Smiley power
Status: LIMITED (currently)
TRADE Price: 300 - 310 xats

What are your opinions on the new power? Let me know by leaving a comment below, and don't forget to take part in the poll!

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