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Power 237 'FOURTH' Guide! (FINAL UPDATES)

Hey guys!

Late last night we found out that the newest power, 237 was going to be a power named FOURTH.

Now you may be wondering about the name. This represents 4th July also known as Independence Day , so this is an American themed power!

A sequel to the INDEPENDENCE power, at the very top of this post is the official smiley of the new power!

**RELEASE 1** - **1.30pm BST**
The new power finally appeared in stores and the first batch were released as well! NOTHING was shown on twitter so nobody knew what was happening!

1000 released costing 260 xats each. UNLIMITED!

Because the Banner had nothing on either, and it was like the INDEPENDENCE power, users were buying the power for 350 - 400 xats during the release.

HOWEVER ... this is why everyone knows the power is NOT LIMITED ... there was a rocket by the power a few minutes after!

The price quickly dropped down to 300 - 330 xats. 


**RELEASE 2** - 

This time there is a rocket symbol next to the power, which confirms that it is required for ALLPOWERS and that it is also going to be UNLIMITED.

The power price dropped as well as the demand, due to users now knowing that the power is unlimited.

Everyone was selling for store price and it took over 30 minutes for the power to sell out. The power eventually dropped to 245 - 255 xats on TRADE.


The price on TRADE is now around 200 - 230 xats.

What do you think of this new power? I thought it was going to be limited like INDEPENDENCE at first! I feel this was a wrong turn by 42!

Leave a comment and argue or agree with me below!

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