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NEW POLL: 'What power do you think / want (to / should) be Re-released?'

Okay ...

I haven't done a new poll for a while because of the Glitches, but as few of the votes recovered I have decided to host another one!

This week, I want to ask YOU what Limited power should be re-released in Stores  as the power prices in TRADE are soaring higher than ever before!

Here are the Nominations ...

GKALIENS (Group Power)
Why? - This power costs a staggering 12,000 - 12,500 xats due to it being rare, as it hasn't returned since May 2011. Hardly anybody sells, and Abea has a quantity of 33!

Why? - Our dubbed 'EPIC POWER', but now it really is Epic. Costing more than 2/4 epics, it dropped to the price of 16,000 - 17,000 xats due to nobody selling. Rumours have it users such as CHRISTINA , R1 and another user have stocked up all of the BOOT powers. (Reached a climax of 19k at one point)

Why? - Gaining demand recently, it increased by 1k and it's now between the prices of 6,000 - 6,300 xats. A popular power to be released, and also attractive!

Why? - Xats most popular power, but now at the highest price of 13,000 - 13,300 xats, this power should have been re-released by now! Always a good profit, but now a better profit than ever!

Why? This power is very OVER RATED. It's a smiley power just like any other, but nobody is certain how the power increased this high. However, in 2011 a user rose it by buying over 500 but not anymore!
So there you go, of course you can choose another Option or Neither if you would like! Now, here's something that'll get you spurring...

The power that receives the most VOTES I will try and contact Tom2 and try to negotiate a way to release this power. This could be done for the future.
What do you think? HAPPY VOTING!


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