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Spikey! Power 235 'CACTUS' Releases! (FULL UPDATES and GUIDE!)

Hello everyone!

At **9.30am BST** Tom2 decided to release the newest power CACTUS (235) into the stores!

This Blog has the BEST GUIDE for you to get ALL the information about the newest power release, great but also helpful for profit and investment use in future.

This blog is updated manually by either me and other Authors from the Blog, so keep checking up every few minutes for the latest updates. The Blog Staff will post whatever is necessary below here, but won't be updated at specific times due to us not being online (busy with something, etc.)

This post will include Images, Gossip, and Prices as well as Screenshots of the demand and popularity on xat.com/Trade . We garauntee you that this Blog will be a success for your future profit plans!
**RELEASE 1** - 9.30am BST.
TOM2 released the first batch of CACTUS powers into the store.
x1000 released costing 200 xats . LIMITED!

Yes, although it wasn't updated on the twitter , it confirms this on the Power Description. 

The power took 14 minutes to sell out, despite users paying high on TRADE during the release.


**UPDATE 1** - Before and 10-15 minutes AFTER the power ran out of stock, the price increased and became 350 - 400 xats.

**UPDATE 2** - The power has DECREASED but is still profitable at between 300 - 350 xats.

**UPDATE 3** - Straight away, there's now a BANNER popping up counting down to the next release, which is in 35 MINUTES! Becuase of this, the price has dropped even more and is now between 240 - 280 xats.

**RELEASE 2* - 10.30am BST.
More CACTUS powers became released but this time there was a smaller quantity.

500 released costing 200 xats each.

The price on TRADE increased a little with more users buying the power instead of selling. The price is now between 250 - 270 xats straight after the power was sold out!

**RELEASE 3* - 1pm BST.
Around the same amount was released costing for the same price! The price on TRADE also stayed the same price.

**RELEASE 4* - 5.04pm BST.

The next batch of CACTUS powers became released,

400 released costing 200 xats

It literally took a minute to sell, despite a few minutes before the release a user on XAT_TEST was unsure whether they should buy it ...

Looks like he should have bought it, as the price for some reason had INCREASED to 300 - 350 xats after the release.

This image shows me selling it for 320 xats to a user;

The price has dropped down to 290 - 310 xats now, however.

**RELEASE 5* - 8.07pm BST.
 500 released costing 200 xats each.

The price on TRADE is now around the same price!

Here are the smileys for the new power;

I find some of them pretty cute, I feel that a user will decide to invest in it when the releases are finished!

There were a few more releases on Saturday night, so there was a total of around 4000 - 4500 that were released.

**8.12am BST**
Around 400 released costing 200 xats each.


A few users thought that the power stopped releasing after it was sold out, but they are wrong as another release is set to occur in over 2 hours.

The price on TRADE now varies between 260 - 280 xats.

Out of subject, have you ever wondered why OLYMPIC suddenly increased high in price? KENIS had originally bought 1,000, but now a different user was investing and collecting!

They were caught selling the power at **7.45pm BST**.


The price is currently between 450 - 500 xats.

UPDATE: Credits to CHEESE (Blog Author) for stating that it was VICTOR that sold all of his Olympic powers to this dude!

And finally, one more thing to mention is that there were NO GOLD releases for yet another Weekend... or a Saturday, for least!


GOLD UPDATE: Sunday morning.
Just to clarrify something, GOLD POWER ISN'T UP!  this may have caused confusion as the price was 51,300 - 51,600 xats at some point this morning as Carbon was buying.

However a few minutes later people were selling for 51,000 xats. Please don't get scammed!

What are your thoughts on this "CUTE" new power? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. http://prntscr.com/1bdvi2

    and@Olympic Victor sold them to that guy. (XD)
    i forgot his real name ill think if it later(XD)

  2. http://prntscr.com/1bjm18

    like 5 mins ago arund 4:20 pm EST lol 420:$

  3. http://prntscr.com/1bknww 7:20 pm EST odd number released like other times

  4. http://prntscr.com/1blhh8

    10:37 pm EST

  5. remembered now, it was fuentes:P


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