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Alright ...

Trade has been pretty messed up these days when it comes to Power prices , as more users are coming on and powers get rarer and rarer, people tend to keep repeating powers that raise.

However, this time powers are increasing to unrealistic prices. Sadly, this has to be the case that if you need to buy one of these powers you'll have to make a risk;

Let's start with KDOG , which is being raised for literally a fourth time!

Some screenshots;

The price used to be 220 - 250 xats but is now currently around 350 - 450 xats.
UPDATE: The price has yet again been INCREASED. The price is between 450 - 600 xats but isn't very settled as different users pay low - high prices!

Some new screenshots;


CLEAR has increased demand as well over the past couple of days, with it being from 5500 to 6000 - 6200 xats!

Here are screenshots of people buying;

NEXT , POKER is becoming the next KMOUSE , as the price continues to increase! (remember, it was only 200 xats in stores)

Why is this? A user called MOUNIR has constantly been buying the power, which is now between 900 - 1150 xats.

Some Screenshots;

So there you go! There'll be more updates posted whenever it happens!

What do you think of these posts? Are you benefitting more so you won't get ripped off now? If so, I'll keep doing this every few weeks! Leave a comment to let me know if I should or not!

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