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x1000 'WEDDING' and x25 'GOLD' Powers RELEASE!

Here comes the bride, all here for profit! 

Yes , at **10.07am BST** Tom2 decided to finally release the newest power, 'WEDDING' into stores!

1000 released costing 250 xats . *LIMITED POWER*

Users on Trade were buying this power for 300 xats and the price was 300 - 330 xats while the new power was in stores;


 Credit to these two images goes to  FLawLess00 (525873538)

UPDATE 1: SOLD OUT!  (10.28am)
The power took 17 minutes for it to sell out of stock, but it was profitable on Trade right from the start!

UPDATE 2: TRADE UPDATE - 1  (10.46am)
Users on Trade are buying the power higher than before and the cost on Trade is now currently between 400 - 500 xats on the chat. 

Here are some images;

This is where the power increases in demand and price;

UPDATE 3: TRADE UPDATE - 2 (10.57am)
The price is settling down a bit, with more users selling the power now. The price has slowly decreased and is now 400 - 460 xats , so we'll see what happens!

Here are some images;

Many users managed to buy between 2 - 5 WEDDING powers, which means this:

So yeah , that pretty much sums up a good profit for a power that's probably going to decrease in price later on throughout the day!

BUT , THAT'S NOT ALL .....................!

Sorry lol, I just had to use this image again after someone loved it!

But anyways ...

25 released costing 50,000 xats each.
 Credit to these two images goes to  FLawLess00 (525873538)

This happened at the same time while the WEDDING power was in stores! For the first time in over a year, this power took 18 minutes until the power was out of stock!

What happened for the first time:
  • Users were able to buy up to 4 GOLD powers if they had wanted to due to the release being so slow, but only a maximum profit of 1,000 would have been available!
  • The release took it's longest YET! Although it was when many people were sleeping, so no complaints there!

Despite all this , the power is still profitable on Trade , the price at the moment being 50,000 - 50,200 xats.

Some screenshots;

So there you have it! A great start to your Sunday on xat, with 2 powers being released and a decent amount of profit!

NOTE: Smileys for the new WEDDING power will be posted on the NEXT release!

What powers did you buy? What are your thoughts on the new WEDDING power? Leave a comment below and share me your thoughts!

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