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**VALENTINE'S DAY 2013** - ALL The News , Releases , Gossips , and MORE! (UPDATES UNTIL 16.02.2013)

Follow our all inclusive information posted about everything that occurs on xat.com , mostly focusing on the power gossip that goes on around the chats for the next 2 days !

First off , many predict that the HEART and VALENTINE'S power(s) will be released today, whether or not that's the case I'm not sure.

At **5pm GMT** 42 decided to release the first / only power for Valentine's Day , which was BURNINGHEART .

x1000 released costing 1,200 xats each

It's good to see him re-releasing new powers now. The price before the release was 3k , so you are going to get quite a profit.

UPDATE: Sold out! The release took a total of 15 minutes and was going quite slow. 

Because of this release , the power is now trending on Trade. The current price has increased to 2,600 - 2,700 xats but has obviously dropped from yesterday;



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