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Hey everyone!

On Thursday Afternoon the new power had been spotted as 'KMONKEY' on xat.com/Trade (ID 216)

A user had asked on the main chat asking whether it was the new power and this was the response;

The price on Trade was around 500 - 1,500 xats .

Here was 42 with the power on xat_test (hadn't been on that account for a while), as he was testing some glitches.   

So now I'm guessing you want to know all about the power itself, huh? Well , this is another K power and comes with 'Monkey Koani' smilies. 

At around **12pm GMT** KMONKEY (216) had been released into the stores!

x1000 'Test powers' released costing 250 xats each . NOT LIMITED!
There is even a banner showing that it is not limited , along with all the smilies. (this had surprised me)

Why did it surprise me? Because this didn't seem to be a power to not be limited! Anyhows, codes for the following smilies are in corresponding order from left to right;

KMONKEY SMILIE CODES; (kmonkey) (kmoback) (kmoblow) (kmod) (kmodance) (kmofrus) (kmonehneh) (kmorage) (kmoredface) (kmostare) (kmoteeth) (kmoun) (kmowhistle) (kmowonder)

At the moment though , this power is currently LIMITED! 

If you managed to buy the power , (most likely unless you were sleeping or in class) then you've managed to make some profit! 

The current cost is 350 - 450 xats .

Were you able to buy yourself a KMONKEY power? What do you think of the power and smilies itself? Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!

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