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KHEART Final Releases & Updates!

Okay, so from our last post you knew that the newest power 'KHEART' was profitable as it reached 600 xats , and only 1100 had released , yes?

Well , this power has always been profitable .

2nd release - The power had dropped down to around 550 - 600 xats .

After the next few releases the average price for the new power was 400 - 500 xats , but on Sunday users were able to buy 20 PER USER!

After that , the price had dropped to 380 - 400 xats.

Another few releases commenced , and then users were able to buy 30 PER USER , but the price had dropped down to 330 - 350 xats.


The price has now increased and has stayed at around 400 - 500 xats , and users have managed to make themselves quite alot of profit.

Also , the price of GOLD has been increased and is now around 56,000 xats again!

Check out our previous post for the releases of the two powers , and don't forget to leave me your thoughts on KHEART!

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