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NUCLEAR Released!

At **12.45pm GMT** 42 decided to release the new power , 'NUCLEAR' into the stores! (power 217)

x1000 TEST POWERS released costing 500 xats each. NOT LIMITED!

This release was announced via @twitter , as you can see above.

The release is going very slow , although users on Trade are buying the power for 530-550 xats.

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! The power is now currently limited . It took a total of 15 minutes to sell and went out at 1pm GMT.

So how was the power doing on Trade as it was at a high price, took a while to sell out of stock and users knowing it was going to be unlimited...?

... Well, it is profitable , for the time being, anyways. The current price was 550 xats.


So that was everyone trying to sell , so how about everyone trying to buy? They were averaging around 500 - 520 xats!


Meanwhile , 42 was on xat_test and Help while the release was occuring and many users were nagging him to release Gold , but these were the emotions that he posted;

It has not released but it has scared users thinking it will later today , as the price has decreased to 55,600 - 55,800 xats as well as the demand;

We'll be sure to keep you posted if and when it releases!

So, what do you think of the power? Did you buy yourself one? If so, did you sell? If yes to that, how much did you gain / lose?

Be sure to leave a comment below!
- Aisha 

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