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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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After around 3 weeks of undisclosed testing, rumours and our Blog doing a Poll collecting your views, the highly anticipated xat mobile (ID 333) has been made Available to the public...however...
-> Please make sure you read carefully, as we will explain to you the Key Points that you need to know about this "Power"...

At **8.00pm BST** on Friday evening a small batch of the MOBILEBETA power was finally released:

1000 MOBILEBETA powers have been released costing 200 xats each. Remember to read the key details before buying this power.


xat will soon be starting a wider beta test of the xat chat app for android devices.
  • This either means that more MOBILEBETA powers will be released in small chunks, or the power will temporarily be available from the powers store. This partly opens the testing out to alot of the general public.
You need the MOBILEBETA power to login to the app for the time being.
  • This means you need to be a paid user (or have 200 xats) to purchase this power to buy it. This is because: 
  1. There is less chance of abuse as unregistered users and 'Trolls' may get their hands on it.
  2. It limits the amount of users who can test this power as not everyone has subscription days, xats or powers. 
In the future the use of the app will be free - and you WILL NOT need the power to access it. We are only charging to limit the use of the app while in testing stages. We also advise not to buy the app via trades as this could be at a higher substantial cost than store cost.
  • Xat is planning to release the official finished one for FREE like any typical APP, but like mentioned above reduces risk of being abused and stops everyone trying to use it. Also be careful about those trying to rip you off on TRADE... (The power is now currently UNLIMITED in stores) Also this "power" will eventually be a Free feature so you are only sadly ripping yourself off...
The app is still in the Beta stages, meaning it is under development and there is no guarantees this will work on your device.

  • Obviously there's no 100% chance that this will work on all Mobile devises, especially as it's still in testing.
If you find a new bug you can report it here: http://community.xat.com - You will need a separate account to do this.
  • The Admins of xat have been very active on the official Forums for the last 2-3 days because of the new mobile feature, checking glitches and suggestions. (Please don't abuse this opportunity to speak [sub]directly to the Admins).

If you find a security issue please report it to a volunteer via ticket if you are a paid user. If you are not a paid user then please fill out http://xat.la/newticket

  • The usual locked out, etc.
To install the app download from the xat web site here: http://util.xat.com/xat.apk?1.28-xTgW
The price on TRADE is currently going for around 200 - 230 xats , but there are a few trying to be very greedy.
UPDATE: At around **8.30pm BST** (Saturday) , the MOBILEBETA power has been made UNLIMITED and making it temporarily available for the whole paid user community! The price remains at 200 xats.

The price is now 170 - 190 xats on Trade.


Like mentioned above, the Admins have been very active on the Forums lately. Here are some of the few things they have posted:

Therefore, if you have any suggestions, questions or complains it is most appropriate to either ask a Volunteer or to go on the FORUMS.

Also, whether or not they are there temporarily, this 'Power' also comes with a few Bonus smileys! Here they are:

IMPORTANT - Although an Upcoming feature, unfortunately MOBILEBETA is required for EVERYPOWER.

NOTE: Screenshots of the MOBILE itself and a seperate post with a Review, etc... will be posted in 3-5 days. 

Due to the earlier-than-expected release of the MOBILEBETA Power, a NEW POLL has been added to the Blog! Enjoy!

So, there you go! The MOBILE feature has finally been released! Obviously, as it is in testing stages, there will be many bugs and glitches, but please do bear with and appreciate this.

In conclusion, what do you think of the new Xat Mobile? Stick around with us in the next few days for a seperate 'Review' post... no more information. :')
- Aisha

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