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Xat Power 333... 'MOBILEBETA'

UPDATE: We have now added a new poll about the New (MOBILE) feature! Please feel free to vote! The poll ends at the end of May (48 days), due to the unknown release of the Feature.


The image above is a Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 ... but it is actually what the NEW power looks like... (based on) we introduce, the MOBILE Power!

Already a few users on xat5 were seen with the new power / feature:


UPDATE: The new power is now called MOBILEBETA. It will currently be released on the Android only , where only specific users will be able to receive these powers. Please scroll down to find out more and the regulations.

After having a few years of m.xat.com , and a year of it not working due to glitches, etc, xat is finally working on bringing a new Mobile version of xat onto the APP Store . This Blog will explain all the details, and my personal opinion:

First off, let's talk about the old Mobile version. 

CREDITS: Image taken from blog.xatworld.com , this image has been used to demonstrate the difference between the possible old and new Mobile version of xat.

As you may remember, the old Mobile version had the list of users online, who clicked you, and the messages the users had sent. You were also still able to private chat the users. It was simple and mobile-friendly. However, you were unable to Trade / Transfer and it was not Flash supported. The login system seemed a bit vulnerable, and it was sometimes hard to spot a specific user.

Unfortunately, there were many glitches with the mobile App, and recently it had stopped working completely. It was only confirmed last week that 42 was going to introduce the highly anticipated new Mobile App!

MOBILE is officially a Power , (ID 333) and has been given to certain users and is being used on certain official xat chats. Users are currently and not likely going to sell the power. Although it is a power, it will be released as a xat feature for FREE

I have done some rough sketches / edits for when the Mobile version finally releases and  this is what it could look like:

I did a (bad) sketch of the xat logo and what the description would be. It has been confirmed that the APP. will be free for everyone, and available for Iphone, Ipod 5th Gen and Ipad. It will most likely use the latest IOS, depending on how much Flash (.swf files) will be included.

As for when you actually sign in, I am not sure on the layout. Will they show the .swf Banners advertising xat like on the main site? Will it be a simple messenger like below, just showing a list of users and the features?

Here are the questions that many users would like to possibly know...

  • Will the APP. be mobile-friendly like the previous one, but more advanced and appealing in appearance?
  • Will we be able to Trade / Transfer to other users?
  • Will we be able to play Gamebans and Games? Will we be able to play Connect 4 , etc.
  • Can we use powers and will they look the same or similar graphics to the main one?
  •  Will it be a success?

My PERSONAL Opinion:

- If xat make a commitment to this, checking all the exploits, glitches, regular updates,then this will be a huge success when compared to the previous one.

- Will it be better if it is Flash supported? One does not know. Fact is, many users may need the latest IOS 8.0 in order to support the APP.

- This could boost new users as Mobile Social Networking is already taking a huge impact; e.g. Whatsapp, Kik, Snapchat...

- Maybe xat will add new features, such as those similar to Skype and Facebook.

For the last couple of days as there has been many users assuming this will be a power and wanting to also buy one for testing, this section will explain to you what you must know and be aware of...
1.0 - Mobilepower itself.
The Mobilebeta, (originally Mobile) power has been released as a Test power, given for testing purposes only. Although a Function, it is not an official power like the previous powers, it will be a free feature available to the public. This topic also will include the following important information:

1.1 - Buying / Selling the new power.
Users who receive this power have been strictly told not to sell the Mobilebeta power. This means that unlike normal test powers, users are not allowed to make direct profit from this. Users have been seen at times trying to buy this power for 5,000 - 6,000 xats. If a user does sell the power, then the credits received from it will be automatically removed.

1.2. - Revealing details.
Those who have the power are allowed to answer questions, but are not allowed to give specific details about the feature. This includes but may not be limited to; screenshots, full details, etc. 

1.4. - Receiving the power.
According to official xat blogs , (E.G. xatalert, help, xat5) only specific users will be able to test the feature. You must be a staff member on one of few limited chats (check the Blogs for further details), ... 

1.3. - Prior to release.
We are not sure on when the feature will be released to the Public. The last time there was so much advanced testing was the BOT power in 2012, and the Gameban powers in 2011. More information will be disclosed when necessary.

Well, there we go! It looks like Xat is finally planning to release a Mobile version to the App Store! Obviously, these are just rumours / my opinions. It is most likely it will take a couple of weeks until any significant updates, but we can only wait and see ...

So, what do you think? Excited? What do you think it will look like? Post your suggestions and comments below!
- Aisha

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