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Be careful... 'SPACEWAR!'


This week a user has attempted to raise one of the old LIMITED powers known as SPACEWAR.

For some reason, this power never had any demand, despite only 2000 releasing. The price has gone up and down, but had stayed at 1,600 - 1,800 xats for quite a while.

However, only 2 weeks ago a user named lucky was buying many of this power, and because of not much demand, managed to raise the price significantly (1000+ xats each day).

At the moment, the price is currently 6000 - 7000 xats, with lucky buying the power for 6,800 xats, as seen in the Screenshot below: 

So, why am I doing a seperate post on this? Because every day the price seems to change by around 1,000 - 2,000 xats. As this happens, many users have a risk of either 'ripping another user off', or being 'ripped off' themselves. I would like to try and reduce the chance of being ripped off / scammed.

Another alternative is by checking xat.com/search; but because there is not much demand, it is hard to tell the actual price. We will try and inform you on that.

In conclusion, if you ever would like to try and buy SPACEWAR, be careful... there is only around 50 or less SPACEWARS hanging around Trade... with a user having over 70 of these powers!
- Aisha 

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