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ECO Power... ID 334! (RELEASED!)


On Friday evening 42 released another new test power. However, unlike Mobilebeta, this power is available to purchase. The ID for this upcoming power is 334.

There has literally been no information released by any source, which means this weekend could be a total mystery regarding the new power. However like always we'll be sure to post you full details on any upcoming information!

The new power has been confirmed as ECO. There is still no smiley for this new power, and we are unsure whether it will be LIMITED or UNLIMITED or the price. 

At around **7.20pm BST** ECO was released in the stores. We are currently not sure on how many were released, 100 released costing 223 xats in the stores. It is currently LIMITED!

The price on TRADE is currently 400 - 500 xats but don't worry, the power will eventually become UNLIMITED. 

- Because there was a very small quantity released, the power was in huge demand and had reached 700 - 1,000 xats. However, at around 11.00pm BST the power was re-released and the price immediately dropped down to 250 - 300 xats.

Update 3 - (SUNDAY)
The power has been released 2 times today, around 250 - 300 per release (500-600 total). The demand has dropped hugely, with the price on TRADE being 200 - 220 xats. The power has been in stores for a couple of hours for each release.


So, what do you think of this new power? Some users believe this power was made to celebrate this year's EARTH DAY!

- Aisha
P.S. Remember to vote in the new Poll, which lasts a couple of weeks so don't miss out!

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