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NEW Xat Power, 'SHINOBI' - ID 336 (RELEASED: 300 xats)


After being available as a test power for more than a week, it has finally been confirmed as this weekends power - it will be called Shinobi.

This power is LIMITED and it is expected to be released later today:


This will be a Chinese themed power consisting of ninja smileys . Here are the following smileys, along with the codes:

shinobi shislash shishur shisais shinun shifight shiescape shichallenge shicarve shibow

The power also comes with a few pawns for a LIMITED time only, they will be posted soon or you can check the xat Power Wiki page!

So, there we go! We are currently not sure what the cost of this power will be, when it will be released, or the quantity. 
Update: At around **6.00pm BST** , the new power was in stores, but was not yet released. A few minutes later, an official countdow was published, the power is releasing in 1 hour.

Update 2: RELEASED.
At around **7.00pm BST** the new power, 'SHINOBI' was released in the Stores.

339 released costing 300 xats . LIMITED!

Because of the small quantity which was released and the peak time of xat, the price increased rapidly from 400 - 450 xats to become 650 - 800 xats.

Why is the price so high? As well as mentioned above, another reason is that THE NEXT RELEASE IS IN 12 HOURS (7.00am BST Sunday) so you will have no choice but to wait a while if you wish to purchase it in stores...


Update 3: There has been 2 more releases of around 330 - 380 on each release. There is currently a total of around 1000 - 1300 on xat with over 24 hours gone. This is the lowest quantity we've had for a power at this time for a very long while.

We can confirm to you that the SHINOBI power releases every 10 - 11 hours. There is also roughly around 300 - 400 per release. 

The price on TRADE (Sunday) has dropped slightly, but is still expensive. It is currently going for 500 - 600 xats.


There has been 2 - 3 releases per day. 300 - 400 were in stores for each release, all costing 300 xats. It eventually became 2 PER USER on the later stages of the release, with the price dropping around 30-50 xats on TRADE after each release.

The power is now Sold Out (around Friday 7pm BST) with the price currently being around 300 - 350 xats.

Therefore, if you were able to catch every release (no offence, you would be sad if you had xD) then you should have roughly profited around 2,500 - 4,000 xats maybe a little more. Either way, there was not a single release where a user had lost profit!

In total, there was a rough estimate of around 5,000 - 5,500 released.

I personally think this power has some good smileys, which we haven't seen in quite a while! (no offence).

Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates, and vote in our latest Polls if you haven't already, our xat Mobile Review will be coming in 1-2 weeks!
- Aisha

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