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Xat ID 337: 'ALIBLUE' Power! (SOLD OUT - 250 xats)


The newest power, ID 337 is known as ALIBLUE. Unlike previous smileys, this power had been suggested by a user named Juniour (goes on xat5) and it was released as an actual smiley! He has also been promoted to become xat's newest official smiley maker, so a huge Congratulations from me!


This power, just like SHINOBI, releases in very small quantities every couple of hours. However, around 300 - 400 were released every 2 - 3 hours.
The price is 250 xats. LIMITED!

After the first release, the price had increased to become 350 - 450 xats. However after the releases the price dropped, eventually becoming 250 - 280 xats.

Update - SOLD OUT!
The price was 280 - 320 xats after it was sold out, but as the rarity and investors have been increasing, so has the price.

(1 WEEK LATER) - The price has increased and the power is currently quite expensive. The price is at the moment 600 - 700 xats . There is a total of around 4,000 - 4,500 .

We'll post you the smilies within the next couple of days. There is now no longer pawns which come with this power ...

So, what do you think of this power? I find some of the smilies quite cute! :-)

Once again, Congratulations Junior!
- Aisha

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