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Xat's 6th EPIC Power: 'REDCARD' (Released - ID 339) [PRICE: 5,000 xats]


Some controversy with xat's latest power that was released this weekend - and they have decided to introduce another NEW EPIC POWER. This power is called REDCARD.

This power, just like Statuscolor, costs 5,000 xats in stores.

The power on TRADE currently costs between 4950 - 5050 xats due to not many people selling. The price is expected to drop rapidly within the next few weeks, as demand will eventually become low. (Like with the GBACK Power which released in 2012)

Okay guys, I apologise for the wait, but here it is, my first and official review on the newest powers created by our creative *not sarcasm* and amazing xat Staff!

Power Name: Redcard
Status: NOT LIMITED. EPIC power.
Cost in stores: 5,000 xats
Cost in Trade: 4950 - 4980 xats.
Function: If you 'redcard' a user, the moment they talk on main chat they will get banned. They are allowed to talk in Private Chat and Private Message.    
Right, an introduction. This is officially our 6th EPIC power brought for us onto xat. This is also the joint cheapest Epic Power, (as well as STATUSCOLOR) costing 5000 xats. Unlike Gold and like the rest of the Epic Powers, this is UNLIMITED.

Many users would remember the release of the YELLOWCARD power, which worked like (dunce). Many users also joked about xat releasing a "predictable" Redcard power. However, this was an anti-joke, as it was proved that the obvious would occur - the release of its other half.

The Function is completely different, though and more strict. If a user is 'red-carded', they will have a red card shown next to their respective Pawn, as with Yellowcard. However, this indicates a warning that if the user decides to speak on Main Chat then they will automatically be banned for (x) amount of hours.

There are already many questions asked about this ...
  • Wouldn't the staff member decide to Ban them straight away instead?
  • Doesn't this power work like (GAG) but banning them instead?
  • This could indicate more trolls to come?

It seems that this power is more of an enjoyable 'banter' between fellow users instead of rear punishment.

The price costs 5000 xats, the joint cheapest Epic Power as well as (Statuscolor). However, logic does not stand. Many users also stated this.
"How come REDCARD is an epic power costing 5000 xats, while we have Boot costing 8000 - 9000 xats and Angel costing 15500 - 16000 xats, and neither of them are epic powers."
Although that is a very good point, the best Admins can do with (angel) and (boot) are re-release them in an appropriate manner. Remember guys, only in 2014 did BOOT cost a world-breaking 35,000 xats on the Trade Market!

Although this does not seem like a good price, back in 2009-2010 5,000 xats was very difficult to achieve, I would remember from experience! Many users now have an average of 100k+ xats, so the economy is more improved. This was most likely the Admins perception of how things should be - hoping this will improve the market as a few users report the xat.com/Trade room being 'dead'.

I will give a brief summary of: HIT or MISS.
HIT - Meaning it was a success.
MISS - Did not appeal to the market, etc. 

Power Smiley
Realistically it was meant to look similar to the (yellowcard) power, which it did. We weren't expecting a grammy-award winning smiley for this, surely?!

Power Function
A user would most likely want to Ban the user straight away in the case of any drama happening. Gag also seems to be similar to this power, and 5000 xats is way too expensive when you can buy (Gag) for 700 xats.

Like said above, although this is xats cheapest Epic Power, it costs far too much for what it is supposed to do. Luckily many users can now afford this power, prior to a few years ago. MISS

Most users would like a Power which suits beneficial to them. This power is only mainly necessary for those needing (EVERYPOWER)

The good news is because of this new power, EVERYPOWER has increased in price to become 260,000 - 263,000 xats. Demand over-all is low, but because it has caused a balance to the market, this has been a success.

A few positives, but unfortunately the majority are negatives. This power just seems too expensive for its function, and would be better if it weren't an epic power.

Do you agree with Aisha's thoughts? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts and opinions!

- Aisha


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