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NEW Xat Power: 'PET'S' - ID 340 (Price: 220 xats, UNLIMITED!)


For this weeks power, xat decided to release 'PETS'. This power consists of smileys from the ordinary Animals you would have as Pets. (Smileys have been posted below)

1000 released costing 180 xats

Although the power did not have much demand , the price had become 220 - 250 xats. There were 4 more releases of around 500 - 1000, with the price dropping down to become 175 - 180 xats.

However, around SUNDAY the price increased slightly to 190 - 220 xats as there were a few hopeful investors.

FINAL UPDATE: Tuesday 02/06/2015
The PETS power has become UNLIMITED , despite the Bots from xat5 stating it to be a limited power.

     PETS cost 220 xats in store.

For some reason the Admins have decided to raise the cost in stores. The price of this power on TRADE is currently 180 - 200 xats.
As mentioned above, this is a smiley power. Here are the following smileys:
(pets) (pcat) (pchameleon) (pdog) (pfish) (phamster) (pmonkey) (pparrot) (psnake) (pturtle)

That's it for this weeks power, stay tuned for next weeks!
- Aisha

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