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'SPRINGY' Power, Releases!


At around **2.35pm BST** the newest power, 'Springy' was released into the stores.

300 released costing 230 xats. LIMITED!

Because of the small quantity, the power was sold out in less than 10 seconds! 

The price is currently between 400 - 500 xats on TRADE, but will most likely drop in price after the second release!


There is a Banner counting down each release, so be prepared!
Note: This power is released every 3-4 hours, and a quantity of 250 - 400 for each release.

Also, for each release, you are able to buy 1 extra power. 

E.g. 1st release (1 powers per person)
2nd release (2 powers per person)  ...

Due to the small quantities being released, this power is still available to buy after every couple of hours. The price is 270 - 290 xats so you can still profit, especially since now users are able to buy up to 5!  

This power consists of over 11 'springy' smilies. The smilies are: 
(springy) (sprevil) (sprtired) (sprcrazy) (sprangry) (sprexhausted) (sprthumbs) (sprfrus) (sprjump) (sprtongue)

Springy can also be used for other smilies: (sprback)
This power also comes with 2 limited pawns! (available for a week)

- Aisha

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