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Last week we introduced you to the power, 'NAUGHTYSTEP'.

At **6.45pm BST** 42 and Tom2 were online making the final testing stages to this new power. The function has been confirmed.

When a user has been 'Naughty-stepped' , they have a 'step' added to their xat pawn. This step looks like a red line.

Once you have this, you can only talk for 30 seconds before then being gagged. You will need to be guested to be un-gagged. 
Check out these Screenshots:

42 is doing a 'naughty step' on TOM2. He now has a red line below his xat pawn, showing he has been naughtystepped.

After 30 seconds, TOM2 is now gagged. He needs to be guested in order to talk again. (like the gag power)

A step by step numbering to show the order of how this power currently works.


So, what do you think? I think it's pretty nice, I assume it will be unlimited but could also be abused!

Check the Blog for further updates!
- Aisha

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