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Power 284 - 'NAUGHTYSTEP'


This afternoon 42 and Tom2 were both online at xat_test to test the newest power, 284. (5.15pm BST) 

While they were both online, 42 was undefinebanning his other test account.

This could most likely be a Ban power of somekind, we are not sure though whether it will be a game or a power like Badge, dunce, etc.

This power is known as 'NAUGHTYSTEP', which will be some kind of BANNING power. Here is a Screenshot:

Cupim is one of few volunteers who have this power!

Keep checking our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha


  1. My regname is nathan123 and I have the naughtystep power too.

    1. Hi Nathan, pleased to meet you!
      What do you think of the Naughtystep power?


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