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Power 288 is 'DREAMS' (Unlimited!)


Today users were found having and selling the new test power which is currently known as ID 288.

More information about the new power will be confirmed on Saturday.

At exactly **6.15pm BST** users suddenly had the acknowledgement of the new power, called 'Dreams'. This power will be another smiley power, as well as being unlimited.

The bot on xat_test is the only current source of confirmation:

It has now been officially announced to the public.


Also, Twitter has updated it's website, which means that #xat has also changed the design! Check it out:

I tried to fit it into a smaller 500 x 500 size, but if you want to check it out yourself be sure to go to any Twitter page! 

Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha 

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