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2 x500 'HAMSTER' Powers in Auction NOW!


2nd release

At around **3.30pm BST** on Saturday, some more HAMSTER powers were released into the Power Auction.

Because more users were online, the price had increased to become 800 - 900 xats, and just when the Auction was beginning to end, with the minimum price increasing, the price on TRADE became 1,000 - 1,500 xats!

500 released costing 900 xats . MAX 10 PER USER!  

The Auction finished at **7.00pm BST**. The price dropped but still became profitable at 950 - 1,200 xats.

3rd release

After the BOOT release, (see the post above for more details) , some more HAMSTER powers were put into Auction: (1.00am BST)



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