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Power 302, 'PCBACK' Release! (Now UNLIMITED!)


On Friday the new power, ID 302 was confirmed as 'PCBACK', and was released on the same evening to the public.

500 released costing 700 xats each.
The price on TRADE increased to 800 - 950 xats.

Update 1: A few hours later more PCBACK powers were released, dropping the price to 750 - 850 xats.

FINAL UPDATE: (Saturday)
The power is now NOT LIMITED! It remains at the cost of 700 xats in the powers store...

Finally, let's explain what this power does. Pretend I am Aisha1, and I am doing a Private Chat with Aisha2 , if Aisha2 has the new power and decides to have a 'SUNSET' background, whenever I private chat Aisha2 no matter what chat we are on it will always show the SUNSET background.

Basically, it lets users choose the background their private chat has, so whenever anyone private chats YOU it will show that specific background. A more specific detailed insight will be explained later on.

So, what do you think of this new power? Will you be buying it? Let me know!
- Aisha


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