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Xat Power 303, 'BIRD' Release!


On Thursday the new power, ID 303 was released to Volunteers and certain users.

Currently, there is no new information on this ID, but the power will be confirmed tomorrow (Saturday).

The new power is known as 'BIRD' , and it will be a LIMITED power with bird smilies. There is a banner being advertised around xat.

Update 2: RELEASE!
At around **6.30pm BST** the new power was released into the powers store!

2000 released costing 250 xats each.

It was apparently 5 per user every 4 minutes, with a chance for a user to win statuscolor as well.

The price on TRADE goes for around 280 - 350 xats, but the demand is pretty low.

Remember to keep checking our Blog for further updates!
- Aisha

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