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Countdown to Black Friday... 'XAT POWER PRICE UPDATE!'


As always, I make these posts to inform users about the change of prices to powers to avoid users being ripped off. A friendly notice, these posts are not to encourage prices to increase or decrease (aka non-profitable for xat traders)  and they are 99% accurate, as they have been checked within 2-4 days before postage.

This power dropped alot. As of today, (29.09.2014) the price has become 23,300 - 23,800 xats with users selling but not many users actually buying the power at this stage.

Like every Black Friday year, this power always drops down as this is an expensive power and many users like to collect up their xats!


However, 2 powers have gone up in price. These are fuzzy and instruments.

A user named heyyou originally bought this power, and is still currently buying. It is rumoured that he has over 500+ of these powers!

The demand is quite low for a power that increased high, however the price is very good. A few weeks ago it stood at 500 - 600 xats but is now currently 900 - 1100 xats.



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