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The 5h EPIC Power... 'STATUSCOLOR' (Power 297)


After months of people suggesting and waiting for this power to be made, their dreams have finally come true, with STATUSCOLOR taking into affect.

This was originally ID 297.

However, when the new power was announced, the price rapidly rose from 2,000 - 3,000 xats to become 5,000 - 10,000 xats.

You may think that the users were stupid for doing so, but rumours were true on this... Statuscolor is ineed an EPIC POWER!

HUGE UPDATE: Confirmed.
Just like Namecolor in 2010, Statuscolor is added into the Epic powers page, officially making it xats 5th Epic power, ending rumours on 42 hinting of another possible epic power... (7.45pm BST)

Follow our coverage for this new power, including Screenshots, prices, and more!

The cost for this new power will be 5,000 xats, making it xats cheapest Epic power. This would bring EVERYPOWER to around 265,000 xats.

8.05pm - The price on TRADE is still expensive, varying between 6,000 - 8,000 xats.

11.30am - TOM2 is online, with 2 tabs of users anticipating the new power, he gives a small hint of how the new power will be released... (he wants to give it a 'twist')

Not to mention he is also frustrating users...

11.40am - 'BIG HINT' REVEALED!
Apparently you must buy a certain power, (either Statusglow or Random) to have a chance of winning STATUSCOLOR.

More users are getting it, which means this power has been officially released.


Finally, here is what the fuss is all about ...

STATUSCOLOR works exactly the same way as Namecolor, except it is with your Status. Although a status is less noticeable than your name, it's still pretty beautiful. In this screengrab, we showed you the difference...

'Maverick' obviously has the statuscolor, while 'Craz' has the statusglow. It works in the same way as Namecolor to set it as well, $=testmessage#ff0000#fffffff making it a red outer color and a white inner color.


Well, that concludes it. We can officially say Friday 1st August 2014 was the day the 5th Epic Power was officially introduced onto xat.

What are your thoughts on this new power?! Leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

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