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500 COOLZ Release

NOTE: As several users ask the same question, we put this screenshot up to give you the details in one!

Name: Coolz
Price in Store: 350 xats
Trade Price: 500 - 650 xats
Status: Smiley power, LIMITED.
Quantity: 500 (after the first release, will be updated manually whenever possible)   
Also, another question which always pops up which will be answered: GOLD DID NOT RELEASE. 


At around **4.00pm BST** the new power, COOLZ was finally released into the market stores.

500 released costing 350 xats. LIMITED!

The sequal to 'CUTIE', this power is just as profitable, with the price soaring to 550 - 650 xats on xat.com/Trade.


And finally, here are the smilies for this new power:

Keep checking our Blog for further updates on this new power. 
- Aisha

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