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'EGGY' Power Release

Hey all!

The newest power, also known as EGGY , was released in the stores earlier this morning.

500 released costing 225 xats  each.

This is a LIMITED power, and one that is very profitable. This is because I was told by 5+ different people that users could buy up to 999 EGGY powers in store, therefore making a huge amount of profit ...

Here is proof:

Ridiculous, is it not? 

TOM2 sent me this message when I asked him about it, when he quotes 'You'll get egg on your face' , there could be 2 theories to this ...

  • As only 400 - 500 EGGY are out for each release, it has literally been IMPOSSIBLE for users to buy 999.
  • If a user were to somehow buy EVERY Eggy power available on the market for every release surely they would be in trouble if caught?  

A few users have already managed to gain 4,000+ profit. This is because the price is currently between 300 - 450 xats.

An image:

NOTE: This power releases between every 3 - 4 hours , so be sure to be quick and prepared for the upcoming releases!

Saturday Evening: There was a recorded amount that around 2000 were released, but this is not exact. 

Sunday Morning: Around 3500 - 4000 have been released at this time, but we are not sure on the exact number yet.

CURRENT TOTAL: 5,500 - 6,000  

UPDATE - Users have profited around 10,000-20,000 xats for every release on Saturday, here is proof. I was lucky to buy 100 in store, and here I sold for 33,000 xats, gaining around 10k profit. 

Because of the new layout, many users have over 50 - 100+ of the EGGY power. One user was buying all of them and now has over 750+.

SUNDAY: The price of EGGY now varies between 230 - 250 xats , so it has pretty much been profitable throughout day 1!

So, there you go! This could possibly be one of the biggest profit powers made through release, with the record of 80,000 xats for a user profiting on this!

So, how about YOU? Have you bought an EGGY power from Store or Trade, and what do you think of the smileys? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!
- Aisha

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