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'WINNER' (Power 294), Release Info!


The new power ID 294 was confirmed today as 'WINNER', and was released today. 

At around **7.00am BST** the power made its debut release into the xat powers Store ...

1000 released costing 220 xats each. NOT LIMITED!

 However, there is a huge catch. Notice that screen grab up there? It says
 **You need to answer all questions correctly in this quiz**

Remember the NERD and SCHOOL powers a few years back? Well, that's what we need to do again to buy this power, so let me give you a quick run through!

The main things you need to know ...
- There are 47 questions in this quiz.
- The questions are themed about Scamming and Phishing. (just like in the previous quizzes)
- You must answer all the questions correct to purchase the power.

IMPORTANT: When BUYING the power...
1. Login to your xat account.
2. Go onto the xat powers store and purchase the WINNER power.
3. Complete the quiz and answer all the questions correctly.
4. LOGIN to your xat account AFTER completing the quiz. (as well as before)
5. Purhase the new power again. 
Once you have completed this quiz you should get this...

Remember you must answer ALL the questions correctly in order to purchase this power.

The average time to complete the quiz is 5 minutes , but it should vary for different users. The 1st release took over 3 hours because of this, and the price after the release rose to 400 - 500 xats.

At around **7.00pm BST** the 2nd release took place, another 1000 being released!


Note: This is a smiley power, with the smileys being posted as soon as the releases are all completed. There is also a BANNER showing the smilies. 

Keep checking our Blog for further updates!

So, what do you think of this new power? I think it's a complicated one, and will annoy alot of users, including me! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
- Aisha


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