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'CUTIE' Power Release!


At around **9.30am BST** the new power, 'CUTIE' was released in stores. Remember, this is a limited power.

500 released costing 350 xats each.

**Note** - You do not have to complete a QUIZ in order to buy the new power.

The price straight after the release was 450 - 550 xats with a couple of users trying to collect it.

5.00pm BST: WOW!
This new power is sure hard to find, and the price has become pretty expensive as well. Because of the users who need it for EVERYPOWER, the price is now currently 600 - 1000 xats.

Another few releases of CUTIE happened over night, with the price and demand dropping to 400 - 550 xats.

6.00pm BST: OOOO
Another release occured, (500) bringing the price to 350 - 400 xats on Trade.  

Update: Here are some of the smileys.


Keep checking here to be updated on the new power!
- Aisha

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